The 5th Annual Burn Series:
Four Burns and over $14,000 in cash and prizes!                                            

Current rankings and Minimum Categories are posted:  Youth  |  Adult

For the fifth year in a row, the PRG is combining all of our Burn bouldering events into a single regional series to crown the kings and queens of the Burns! In addition to the great problems, fun, food, music and prizes of each Burn, the best climbers in each category for the whole series get the bragging rights to call themselves the Best of the Burns…plus, more prizes of course!

2017-18 Series Schedule

Midnight Burn, PRG Oaks – October 28, 2017  |  Click for Results
Heart Burn, PRG East Falls – December 2, 2017 | Click for Results
Winter Burn, PRG Coatesville- January 27, 2018 | Click for Results

Championship:  Burn Championships, PRG Wyncote – February 17, 2018  |  Click for Results

Rankings and results for each competition will be posted on this page after each event, so check back here!

Current Rankings:  Adult Rankings  |  Youth Rankings

College Climbers don’t forget to select your College Club Team when you register to be counted for our Collegiate Series Championships! For more information or to get your team into the series, please email us!

BTW, did we mention FOOD, MUSIC & PRIZES?
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Questions about the Series? See our FAQ below or download our Burn Series Rules and Guidelines.

Historical Rankings

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2015-16 Burn Series Final Rankings
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Burn Bouldering Series FAQ

    Who can attend?

Anyone! Both Kids and Adults–Open and Amateur.

All Amateur competitors & Spectators are welcome!

   How does it work?

The Burn Bouldering Series consists of four bouldering competitions – Midnight Burn (prelim), Winter Burn (prelim), Heart Burn (prelim) and the Burn Series Championship – three prelims and one final championship event. Each event will follow the same format as the Burn’s always have, and awards will be based for each event on performance in that event.

The Championship this year will be an open event for all categories. Competitors in that event will vie for the not only to win that comp (and the awards that entails), but also for the Overall Burn Series Championship, which in each category will be selected based on their combined performance throughout the entire series! For more details please download our Burn Series Rules & Guidelines

To be eligible for an Overall Burn Series Championship title and awards a competitor must compete in at least two pre-lims.


    When are they?

Dates:   Midnight Burn, PRG Oaks – October 28, 2017
               Heart Burn, PRG East Falls – December 2, 2017
               Winter Burn, PRG Coatesville – January 27, 2018

Burn Series Championship, PRG Wyncote – February 17, 2018

Dates may be subject to change. Please check back or call 877-822-7673 for updates.

    How do I register?

Competitors may register for each event online, or you may call 877-822-7673 to register by phone.

    What is the Format?

The format of each event will be an Open Redpoint Format with a Modified (Highpoint) World Cup Finals for Open Competitors.Climbers’ rank in pre-lims will be based on their top 5 problems. There is no limit on the number of tries. For Open Categories there  will be a final round, for up to 8 competitors, or one more than half of competitors present, whichever is smaller. The format for Finals will be Modified (Highpoint) World Cup (sometimes called Onsight).  All competitors are expected to be familiar with these rules prior to attending the competition. For a more detailed description of formats and rules, please download our Burn Series Rules and Guidelines.

Please note: Formats are subject to change at any time, subject to the discretion of the PRG. Please call or check back for updated information.

    What are the Categories?
There are two sets of categories for the Burn Series–Youth and Adult.
Adult Categories
Beginning this year, our Adult categories will be determined by a competitor’s overall ranking within their gender.  Which category you compete in will be based on which percentile you fall under, determined by the following chart (please note: all percentiles are approximate):
 Male Categories
Open Over 1900 Top 15%
Advanced 1530-1900 51-85%
Intermediate 1200-1530 16-50%
Novice Under 1200 Bottom 15%
Female Categories
Open Over 1880 Top 20%
Advanced 1530-1880 51-80%
Intermediate 1200-1530 21-50%
Novice Under 1200 Bottom 20%

Any competitor who participated in the prior year Series will have a rank and ranking points carried over from that year. That rank will be used to determine which Adult Category you compete in for your first Burn Series event of this year. For example, if your ranking points after the Friction Burn 2015 were in 1678 overall in female, that means you would be placed in the Advanced category (your minimum category) for the start of the 2015-16 season, and the first competition (unless you choose to climb in a higher category, see below).

After each competition your ranking will be re-evaluated based on your performance and others in your gender. Should your ranking change enough after a competition to move you into another category, then your new category will take effect at the next Burn Series event you attend.

New competitors: For climbers who enter their first Burn competition this year, therefore without a ranking, you will be given default ranking points prior to competing in your first event. Your category at your first event will be determined by how well you rank at that event. In other words, you will be placed into your category at the end of your first event, based on how you performed. After your first event, your ranking will be adjusted as per the description above.

Entering a Higher Category: Competitors may request to climb in a higher category than their minimum, at any prelim event. For example, a competitor ranked in Advanced may request to climb in Open, or a climber in Novice may request to climb in Intermediate. Selection of a different category must occur before the commencement of climbing of the Burn event in question, and may not be changed during that event.

If a climber chooses to compete in a higher category in any two prelim events, they will be tracked as a competitor in that category for the duration of the series, and will not be eligible to compete in their original category at the Championships. If a climber chooses to compete in more than one higher category (i.e. above their minimum) during the series (e.g. Advanced in one competition and Open in another), their final ranking will be in the highest category in which they climbed.

Youth Categories
9 & under | 10-11  |  12-14  |  15-18  — M & F.
Age categories are automatically calculated on the basis of birthdates, with the cut-off being March 1, 2016. For more information, please download our Burn Series Rules & Guidelines or see the JIBS website.
If a Youth chooses to compete as an Open competitor in any two pre-lim events, they will be tracked as an Open competitor for the duration of the series, and will not be eligible to compete in a Youth Category at the Championships. For questions about Youth competitors competing in open, please contact the Series Coordinator.

    What is my Ranking?

When you look at the Series Rankings you will notice at the far right hand side for each category there is a column labelled Ranking. Your Burn Series Ranking is a system for tracking your performance relative to other members of your category throughout the year at our Burn events. Each competitor in each category will start the series with a point value for their Ranking, based on either their performance from the previous season, or, in the case of new entrants, a mean point value. At the end of the first event, after all the places are calculated, each competitor will have their Ranking Points adjusted to reflect their finishing place in the event. Competitors will carry their Ranking points from the first event into the second. After the places at the second event are calculated, new Ranking points will be assigned based on placements, and and overall Series Ranking (up to that point) will be calculated. And so on for further events.
The basic idea is as follows: At the end of a given comp, your Ranking points will be adjusted based on how many other competitors in your category placed above you or below you. For those you place higher than, your points will increase based on how their points compare to yours at the beginning of the event–you get a large bump for placing above someone who was ranked higher than you, less of one for placing above someone who was ranked at or below you. And, the converse is true for those that place above you–your points will decrease for each person placing above you, less for those who are already ranked higher than you, more for those ranked lower. In the end, the balance of these adjustments to your Ranking points will update your Ranking for each successive comp.What does it all mean? Basically, the higher your points, the better your rank in the Burn Series.

Questions or comments about the Ranking or Invitations to the Championships? Please download our Burn Series Rules & Guidelines or  email us!

    How can I help?

It takes a lot of dedicated individuals to put on an exceptional competition. We are always looking for interested volunteers who can help make these events the best they can possibly be. In particular, volunteers can help with:

Judging Routes
Set Up
…and Route Setting

If you would like to volunteer for any of the Burns in any one of these areas, please contact Tom Meehan. Volunteers get the best seats in the house! Thanks in advance!

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