Youth Expeditions

New River Gorge

Recommended for kids aged 9 to 15

Our New River Rock Trip is a great introduction to outdoor rock climbing for young climbers.

Located in Fayetteville, WV, the New River Gorge is one of the best climbing areas in the East Coast! With over 3000 routes to choose from--great top-roping, lead climbing and bouldering--the New has the greatest variety of routes, for all skill levels, of any climbing area in the country. Skills covered include: basic rappelling, knot tying and basic rope skills, leave no trace hiking and camping ethics, and general outdoor climbing safety.

Climbers will also, of course, have a chance to test their climbing skills on real rock, learning improved technique and a repertoire of moves that will improve their overall ability and confidence as climbers.

For more information or to register, email us or call 877.822.7673.


7/27/20--7/31/20 (5 Days)


$655 per climber

Pre-requisites: PRG Top Rope Belay Certification or experience in PRG's Club Team, Advanced Club Team or Team PRG programs.


Red River Gorge

Our most popular expedition, this trip is our annual trek to the premier sport climbing crag in the East.

Whether training for Nationals, or just looking to improve your leading & experience real rock, the Red is home to more than 1500 routes of all ability levels that will keep any young climber occupied for many years. In fact, the bulk of our climbers return year after year to tag new projects and eat the best Pizza in Kentucky!

Led by head coach, Dave Rowland, and a staff of experienced coaches and guides, climbers learn to improve their skills and have a great time.

For more information or to register, email us or call 877.822.7673.


(*Participants aged 12 and under must register for week 1. Exceptions can be made by Head Coach, Tom Meehan)

3 Week Session:
6/13/20 - 7/4/20

2 Week Sessions:
6/13/20 - 6/27/20
6/21/20 - 7/4/20

1 Week Sessions:
6/13/20 - 6/20/20
6/21/20 - 6/27/20
6/28/20 - 7/4/20


3 Week Session: $2749 (Team $2549)

2 Week Session: $1849 (Team $1749)

1 Week Session: $949 (Team $899)

Pre-requisites: Lead Climbing & Lead Belaying Training, permission of Head Coach.

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